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Comprehensive, real-time Customer Relationship Management software for non-profit and corporate organizations. Features multidimensional customer overview, data visualization, targeted marketing, campaign tracking and reporting.

customer sales analysis

Measure customer loyalty and determine the relative importance of each customer.


CRM sales dashboard designed for sales managers, sales teams, and sales partners. Updated in real time based on the latest information from inside sales. It gives the user a clear view of opportunities

crm reports

Monitor the performance of a company's marketing team and its overall sales.The CRM system was designed to help all those involved in the process better communicate with one another, by recording customer information, purchase history, interactions with internal departments and generally everything that could be relevant in this respect.

Customer Transaction View

Track historical information for customers and prospects.View when a contact placed an order, created an opportunity, or sent a support request so that you can contextualize future interactions.

manage leads

Manage leads, create quotes, send out proposals and follow prospects' activity. Get crucial sales information right when you need it so that you can make more targeted and effective marketing decisions and improve sales performance.


Location: Blessed House, 4 th Floor. Along Thika Super Highway

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Contact: +254717607585/+254780607585


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Digisoft is a Global Cloud Software Solutions provider specializing in Digital Transformation for better Service Delivery. We provide an Industry Domain Specific ERP Solutions designed in a web client server based architecture among other IT Services. It’s an integrated, compact user-friendly solution for production cost control & profit maximization