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Dairy Solution

Dairy ERP system is a systematic software used for the management of your dairy activities which range from milk collection from farmers to farmer payment. It improves your overall performance by using latest tools, process and technique to make your work effortless.

Milk Collection and integration

Our modern transponder-based system identifies the amount of milk collected from each farmer, and integrates with existing accounting and suppliers package.

farmer notification

Every litter collected via the Dairy ERP is reported to the farmer. Farmers get notifications via SMS every time the system confirm receipt of the milk collected.

Integrated Weighing Scale

Our Dairy ERP is integrated with a digital weighing scale automating the process of manual data capture which help eliminate fraud when collecting milk from farmers


You can carry the devices anywhere and access every feature of the dairy module no matter where you are located.


Location: Blessed House, 4 th Floor. Along Thika Super Highway

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Contact: +254717607585/+254780607585


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