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Manufacturing Solution

Manufacturing ERP is a powerful enterprise resource planning solution that is designed to support small, medium-sized and large manufacturing companies. It offers features such as Job Costing, Inventory Management, Manufacturing Scheduling, Work Order Management, and much more.

Work order management

The manufacturing ERP takes documentation of the manufacturing production process to pieces.

Bill of material

Provides full control of company production. Tie together everything from bill-of-materials data to purchasing orders, and automate operations like process flows enhancing efficiency, productivity, performance, and collaboration with suppliers and customers

manufacturing reports

Set up customized manufacturing reports in minutes. Then organize by user, date range, or any other way you want to see them. Manufacturing ERP software is flexible, scalable and user friendly to ensure you will have an easy time implementing and using it.

inventory management

Our manufacturing inventory management system can help small or bulk buyers maintain high levels of efficiency with their inventory. With manufacturing ERP you can efficiently and accurately track stock, see real-time reports on supply and demand, and make quick decisions to maximize profits.

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Location: Blessed House, 4 th Floor. Along Thika Super Highway

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Contact: +254717607585/+254780607585


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Digisoft is a Global Cloud Software Solutions provider specializing in Digital Transformation for better Service Delivery. We provide an Industry Domain Specific ERP Solutions designed in a web client server based architecture among other IT Services. It’s an integrated, compact user-friendly solution for production cost control & profit maximization