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Our ERP Solutions provides the best sales management platform. The sales team, the clients/customers and platform are aligned in such a way to provide a seamless communication capability giving an asurance that no sale, no customer and no product will get out of track at any given time.

Organization owns the customer

Debtors register is maintained with no duplications and capturing real time location of the debtor.

Auto calculation

Auto calculation of sales target and enabling salesman to track and monitor his/her sales target through our mobile app designed specifically for sales support.

Debts control

you can set credit limits for every customer. This capability allows you to limit the number of invoices which can be issued or generated for a certain client. The invoices are generated based on credit limit for that specifc customer.

Real time order placement

Real time order placement through mobile app enabling smooth planning of logistics and making sure customers served diligently. No delays in orders delivery to the customer.

Invoice Alerts

Any time an invoice is generated, the customer receives an alert and is able to check and conrm the invoice.


M-pesa Integration for onside sales and payment transactions, no taking Mpesa codes from the sales person. every transaction reected in the system real time.

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Location: Blessed House, 4 th Floor. Along Thika Super Highway

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Contact: +254717607585/+254780607585


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Digisoft is a Global Cloud Software Solutions provider specializing in Digital Transformation for better Service Delivery. We provide an Industry Domain Specific ERP Solutions designed in a web client server based architecture among other IT Services. It’s an integrated, compact user-friendly solution for production cost control & profit maximization