About DiGisoft

Digisoft Solutions is a software, web and mobile solutions development firm specializing in digital means of service delivery. Our company was established and registered as a limited liability company under Kenyan laws in 2013 to carry out work in the field of ICT. We offer our services to clients in the Kenya, East and Central African region

Our Mission

To provide digital products and solutions that meet international quality standards coupled with full life cycle support bringing substantial benefit to customers through lower cost of ownership and maintenance.

Our Vision

To become the most respected IT Company in Kenya with world-class services.

Our Values

Pursuit of excellence through quality products, Customer care, Fairness, Integrity, Team Work, Transparency and Honesty.

Boost Productivity

Our tailor-made ERP solution seamlessly integrates all your business processes, from finance and sales to inventory management and human resources. Experience a unified system that eliminates duplication, reduces manual errors, and empowers your team to work smarter, not harder.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every business is unique. That's why our experts collaborate closely with you to design and develop a bespoke ERP software that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements and industry standards. No more settling for off-the-shelf solutions that don't fit your business like a glove.

Gain Real-time Insights

Make data-driven decisions faster than ever before. Our ERP software provides you with real-time analytics and comprehensive reports, giving you a holistic view of your business performance. Identify trends, uncover opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.


Our custom ERP software offers flexibility in terms of customization to meet specific business processes and requirements.

Maximize Security

Protect your valuable data and confidential information with our robust security measures. Our Custom ERP Software ensures top-notch data encryption, user access controls, and regular backups, keeping your business protected from potential threats.

Drive Cost Savings

Imagine reducing operational costs and minimizing resource wastage. With our Custom ERP Software, you can optimize your supply chain, streamline inventory management, and automate repetitive tasks, leading to significant savings and improved profitability.

Scalable & Future-proof

As your business grows, our Custom ERP Software grows with you. Our scalable solution can adapt to changing needs, accommodate additional users, and integrate new functionalities seamlessly.

Improve User Experience

We design our custom ERP system with the end-user in mind, resulting in a more intuitive interface and increased user adoption rates. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced training costs.


Users can access the ERP system from anywhere with an internet connection, providing increased mobility and remote access.

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